Bergamot water quickly came to replace the strong, spicy perfumes in general use at that time. And so it was that spraying this new essence on the temples, body and clothes became an essential morning ritual for rulers and nobles all over Europe. The aroma of Bergamot also proved popular at the grandest of tables. Indeed, the prescient Sicilian introduced the novelty of “frozen waters” (the equivalent to water ices) and exquisite sorbets flavoured with citrus fruits or Bergamot. Encouraged by this approval, Procopio moved to Paris, where he established the world’s first café, the “Café Procope” in 1686: right opposite the Comédie-Française where Molière’s famous company played. You can still go there today and order the exclusive Bergamot-flavoured sorbets and water-ices which so delighted Parisians at that time.

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