The popularity of Bergamot increased further during the 18th century. In the wealthy, cultivated city of Cologne in the heart of Germany, another brilliant Italian, Gian Paolo Feminis, created and patented his “aqua mirabilis” in 1704, the first example of eau de toilette and destined to later become the celebrated “Eau de Cologne” in homage to the city where it was produced. Feminis left the recipe to a certain Giovanni Antonio Farina, who continued the business, passing it on to his family. The aromatic essence of Bergamot became the most valuable and sought-after ingredient in the creation of perfumes for an international clientele consisting of the aristocracy and upper middle classes. The essence was also successfully used in cosmetics and all sorts of toiletries. The demand for essential oil of Bergamot from Reggio Calabria was soon outstripping the supply. To resolve this problem, the cultivation of Bergamot trees was intensified all over the designated zone in Reggio Calabria.

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